Brighton Short Breaks moves onto 19th century museums

Brighton Short Breaks understands that museums themselves hold a lot of history not just the objects they display. Museums started to develop from the 18th century country house displays to buildings purposely built and used for storage and research of historical and artisitc objects. This started to develop more during the 19th century but still with mainly rich and upper class families visiting these instiutions. One museum that began to break this tradition and opt for a more public admitance to its objects was the V & A in London which is only 53 miles away from Brighton. The museum was actually established in 1852 and the idea behind it was to try and make profound pieces of art accessible to all members of the public and to try and educate the working class of that time. In 1857 it moved to the site it is on now and was named the South Kensington museum. Its main collections were of metalwork, furniture, textiles as well as its fine art collection. This was to tap into the industries that people worked and were involved in, and to educate them about the differences in these industries and introduce them to new forms of design. In 1899 it was Prince Albert’s support for the museum and Queen Victoria’s help in laying the first brick in its new building foundations that the museum received its new name and of the Victoria and Albert museum. The museum, to this day still supports free admission and accessibility to all visitors and displays some of the finest Victorian architecture in London. It was the beginning of a new age in British museums soon began to follow suit with them opening their doors to more and more of the general public and giving us the brilliant instiutions that we can visit today.

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Mike Mayos

Mike Mayos

Mike Mayos is the co-owner of 'The Short Breaks Group' and plays an active role in our Brighton and Spanish based operations. He has a keen interest in the property market in Brighton and has individually visited all of our properties.

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