Brighton Short Breaks meets Grayson Perry

Brighton Short Breaks is interested in museum debate topics, one of which is ‘what is an author?’ In our museums we see many different types of narratives created by a Curator to tell s story, an exhibition is laid out in a specific way so a particular story is told to the visitor, here the Curator is the author, but an author using other people’s work. Why are the famous artists and writers so famous compared to other artists and writers? Who determines which of these ‘authors’ become famous and who does not?

This is a widely debated topic and one with many different varying opinions, which is why we think it is interesting to look at Grayson Perry’s new exhibition at the British Museum which is only about 53 miles away from us in Brighton. Grayson Perry was born in 1960 and is an english artist  mainly known for his ceramics and his cross-dressing. His vases have quite classical formations and are decorated in bright colours that tend to depict subjects at odds with their attractive appearance. He has been known to create images that represent his experience in terms of ‘explicit scenes of sexual perversion.’ He won the Turner Prize in 2003.

From the 6th October to 19th February 2012 his exhibition entitled ‘The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman’ is on display at The British Museum. In the exhibition he has some of his new works alongside objects made by unknown men and women throughout history that he has found in the British Museum’s collection. It is meant to be a memorial to all the anonymous craftsmen that have created so many different objects from motorbikes, to vases and axes. Perry himself said ” The craftsman’s anonymity I find especially resonant in an age of the celebrity artist.” We like this statement and think it shows how the ‘author’ of something does not really matter.

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Mike Mayos

Mike Mayos

Mike Mayos is the co-owner of 'The Short Breaks Group' and plays an active role in our Brighton and Spanish based operations. He has a keen interest in the property market in Brighton and has individually visited all of our properties.

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